Friday, December 7, 2012

Dana Scully unarmed

From the 1993 episode of the X-Files season 1 episode 2 (if you count the pilot as episode 1, otherwise it would be season1 episode 1) titled "Deep Throat" FBI Agent Dana Scully meets a man in black with an intense interest in national security who takes her gun and removes the magazine :
FBI Agent Dana Scully meets a man in black who looks with sunglassed wonder at her empty magazine as she realizes how embarrassing 'loading it all the way hurts my thumb' sounds from a FBI agent
Oh, she is sooooo embarrassed as he looks disapprovingly at the empty magazine.
(frame 1 you can see him pull the magazine from the pistol.
frame 2 you can see his skin through the magazine.
frame 3 you can see the greenery through the magazine. Look away, Dana.)

Rule number one of the Rules for a Gunfight is "Bring a gun…" the unmentioned corollary is bring a loaded gun. (although it is mentioned in these modified rules for a gunfight)

The light colored part at the top of the magazine may be the follower or a cartridge so it may not be an unloaded gun but underloaded. Later in the episode, she holds a guy at gunpoint and there is a distinct possibility she might want more bullets in that situation (Rule 2 of the Rules for a Gunfight is "Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice…")

The Internet Movie Firearms Database identifies her pistol as a Bernardelli Mod.60 32 ACP pocket pistol.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Like a ship in the sky

The KK100 in Shenzhen, China looks like the Titanic sinking. It's like a ship in the sky … which has sunk and  embedded into the earth.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What, Me Worry?

An Alfred E. Newman lookalike asking me worry? with a handwritten note.

An Alfred E. Neuman lookalike asking "Me worry?" with a handwritten note comparing the recipient to the goofball on the postcard. The postcard predates Alfred E. Neuman and Mad Magazine by decades.