Thursday, November 22, 2007

Take a deep breath...

Take a deep breath, compose yourself, and then learn that :

1) in 2003 Galib Andang of the Philippine Islamist separatist terrorist group Abu Sayyaf was captured by the Philippine government. He was also known as Commander Robot.

2) He was not called Commander Robot because of his cold robot-like sense of mission or because of his android-like deep calculated planning. He was called Commander Robot because of his proficiency at doing the Robot dance. link

No news on the current locations of General Mashed Potato, Captain Electric Boogaloo or Corporal Cabbage Patch.

(I would like to mention that he was not a member of the Philippine terrorist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front - known by their initials MILF who are probably the world's most popular terrorist group if judged by a quick google search. MILF=over 23 million results vs al Qaeda=less than 4 million results)