Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flowers for Miss 1.618's birthday (belatedly)

purple flower for 1.618
actually just one.
(I ... ah ...ummmm ... 'borrowed' it from my neighbor. Don't worry I'll toss it back when I'm done with it)

One thumb up and winks

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("One thumb up and winks" a quotable quote from 1.618)

Friday, August 24, 2007

I don't care bear

A while ago I bought some printable iron-on transfers and now that I've let them age for 6 months I think I'm going to start using them.

I think the below suits a friend of mine's personality. However, she does have 2 small kids and the "go fuck yourself' on the bear's chest probably isn't appropriate. I need to decide : what should be there?

an I don't care bear

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fine qualities to impress 1.618

My list of my many several fine qualities that I hope will impress 1.618 :
  • I am an acceptable draftsman. for example (an old christmas card) or nudes
  • I am an okay painter
  • a girl at work said (about me) : “If I wasn’t already married, you’d be a catch...”
  • I have a blog. All the girls think a blog is incredibly sexy (based upon what I assume girls think.)
  • I'm not very coordinated I am sufficiently coordinated that I have never broken a bone (or I have very strong bones - a clear evolutionary benefit)
  • I have been described as Tarzan-like (pretty sure that one was a compliment)
  • Several french and spanish girls have told me I have a very sexy american accent.
  • A japanese girl once told me that I "speak very big" (It may have been simply an observation but I will assume it was a compliment because I need to pad the list)
  • insomniac
  • I was born with 10 fingers and still have all 10 (all ten dispersed equally on 2 hands, none sticking haphazardly from my feet or from my head or anything).
  • I am incredibly modest (which I say because I seem to have run out impressive things to mention - if I become less boring or if I can think of anything else, I shall let you know)

How irresistible am I? (in case 1.618 was doubting)

Last week at work a girl told me that 'somebody' likes me. This somebody sent Emily over to ask if I was married etc. Of course, Emily refused to tell me who the mystery girl is because apparently that simply isn't done (despite the fact that we are neither 9 years old nor in grade school).

So now I walk down the hallways and with every female I see I think "Oh yeahhh...she's checking me out!"

One possibility is a nurse who is about 75... I accidently touched her breast about 2 years ago. It is possible that it was a pivotal moment in her life and has been pining for me ever since. But I kind of hope not.

Another woman I know wants me to date her daughter (although, I have to admit, it isn't because she thinks I'd make her some beautiful grandchildren but because she wants her daughter to date someone with a job.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who ya gonna call?

Kevin 07

The new logo for Kevin Rudd's Kevin07 campaign : It shows that he is a warmblooded human but he can be a hard man if needed. A real standup guy. Kevin Rudd 07 campaign logo

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Potentially important phrases

I used to work with a woman who was originally from Tanzania. When she refused to teach me how to swear in swahili I instead asked her to teach me how to say several potentially useful phrases :

Lookout, a lion!
Help I was attacked by a lion. I need a doctor.
Help, I'm being chased by an elephant.
A giraffe stole my hat, I need to borrow a gun.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten most all of it except doktari=doctor, Timbo=elephant, twiga=giraffe, bondoki=gun.

Nearly useless! If I go to Africa I will be doomed!

Might make an interesting t-shirt...