Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mr. Jordan's Pants

Below is an excerpt from an old comment thread from Blair News which contains is a fine example of impenetrableness. Despite being repeatedly fact checked and counter arguments put forward Mr Jordan seems to emotionally know that he is right in some broad sense despite his problems with those little facts from the real world getting in the way.

Note how he starts by saying that the US Government is barred from collecting trace data and once that is pointed out as simply untrue he soon declares that they can't use computers while collecting trace data (the trace data he had earlier claimed was forbidden). He never acknowledged the link to either the ATF's state by state trace data or the ATF's computerized trace database (since he thinks the ATF can't use computers then he must imagine the servers are run by squirrels fulfilling http packet requests).

Is he really impenetrable or is he just throwing things at the wall in the hope that something will stick?

Mr Jordan's beclowning is below the fold.