Monday, September 17, 2007

new logo for the U.N.

United Nations logo with an accurate slogan - The United Nations always doing something without doing anything

in honor of 1.618's entry at tb.

also the other day I color corrected the picture of Green Peter Garrett (Aaaaaarrrrrrgh, fire baaaaad!)


1618 said...

Let's hope someone from the United Nations views the new logo here.

I just think it's hilariously funny. Well Done Colonel!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to interpret the logo.

Col. Milquetoast said...

I found this list of UN days.
I count 91 days. (67 events - 4 are full weeks) That is only 24.9% of the year!

I think I'll write letter to the Tuvalo, Guatamalan and/or Hatian governments offering them 50USD to put forward a UN resolution making August 1st "The Official International Day For Honoring and Complimenting the Lovely 1.618"

Until I get that passed I think my favorite is "International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict" It is the longest at 94 characters long. It is superficially something most everyone can get behind but implicitly says it is okay to kill and blow things up unless it involves 'exploitation of the environment'

Anonymous said...

I must say, Colonel, if I was the Tuvalo, Guatamalan or Haitian Government, I'd accept the $50.

It'd make the country rich!

Not to mention, the obvious merit of "The Official International Day for Honouring and Complimenting the Lovely 1.618" (Aussie spelling included).

1618 said...

Thank you Colonel. Can we make it for Ashy as well?

Col. Milquetoast said...

Hello Ash,
(I'm red faced over the spelling)

dear 1.618,
Can we make it for Ashy as well?

I'm not sure that would be ideal because I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. You are the only one I'm trying to woo. (No offense intended, ash, but I guess I am an old fashioned guy and I'm only interested in one girl at a time.)

Anonymous said...

G'day Colonel,

Us Aussies like to put a "U" in everything, just to annoy the US. It works well.

1.618, we'll have a separate day for me, something like "Day to Celebrate Prize Idiot of Century", or similar. But dear, don't let your concerns of me get in the way of a delightful wooing by the Colonel!

Argh. It's way too early in the morning.

1618 said...

UHello Ueveryone, it's me.

1618 said...

Though Ashy, Colonel lives far far away, Tim lives in the same suburb and country as me. He didn't want to go out with me. I'm sure he thinks I'm ugly.

1618 said...

Ashy, your celebration day is the 1st, I'll have the 8th.

Ash said...

1.618, true love knows no boundaries. Especially not that infernal date line which is continuously, frequently, and maliciously confusing the hell out of me!

I do hope with the 1st and the 8th, you are referring to October? Merely so we can have public holidays, ie., a chance to invite over some good mates and have a few good brewskies while cooking steak and snags on the barbie.

I wonder if the Colonel understood any words I said in the previous paragraph...

As for Tim, I don't think he'd be a particularly great catch. Sure, he's witty and hilarious and incredibly smart, but so many people dislike him that I'd feel watched if I was going out with him.

Col. Milquetoast said...

"Day to Celebrate Prize Idiot of Century"

I'm sure that would induce fist fights all over the world. People feel very strongly about who they think is an idiot. What if the consensus goes against you? You need your day. I think "Ash Tuesday" might work.

I wonder if the Colonel understood any words I said in the previous paragraph...

No problem except Oct 1 & 8 are holidays? and I had to look up snag.

Perhaps you could also mention to 1.618 that I seem to be a fine upstanding young man with several good qualities.

Col. Milquetoast said...

I'm sure he thinks I'm ugly.

Impossible. Have you seen your picture? No one would think that. I can't speak for TimB, but when i saw the picture you sent me my first thought was "wow, she might be too good for me." I've let some good girls slip away by inaction, shyness, and just being stupid in the past and I've decided I should at least try to win you.

You can't make someone to feel what you want. Are you not smitten with me even a little?

Ash said...

"Ash Tuesday" Colonel?

In 1996, the forest around my house went up in flames. Complete hell. But the Meeja called that "Ash Tuesday". Perhaps Ash Tuesday isn't the best choice?

I'm in the running for idiot of the Millenium Colonel. Not many people can be lied to for 6 years and not realise it.

I'll mention that to 1.618, but you need a really grand gesture, not just a day given by the UN. Something along the lines of, oh, I don't know, fireworks over Bondi telling her that there's no women but her? Sure, she already knows that, but there's a difference between knowing and majorly telling someone.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Okay, maybe not "Ash Tuesday". I know it won't change your mind but I think being lied to for 6 years says more about the person lying than it does about you.

but you need a really grand gesture...

*sigh*, there is a thin line between being romantic and being a creepy, crazy guy on the internet.

Ash said...

I like the idea of "Ash Thursday" Colonel, then I can take Friday off and have a long weekend!

Hmmm. Grand gesture, yet without the creepy, crazy vibe. That is quite a conundrum, isn't it?

1618 said...

Dear Colonel,

I sent you an email this morning.