Thursday, September 20, 2007

The 1.618 Weekly (advance proof)

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or click here for the really large version (about 700K)

1.618 requests Ashy's opinion


Ash said...

Ashy thinks it's awesome.

She suggests the addition of a few more headlines, such as:

JULIA GILLARD: Face of an anorexic weasel or Face of a New Australia?

KEVNI RUFF: Is he Tuff Enuff?

COLONEL MILQUETOAST: Man of the States: Coast to Coast

HABIB: Man or RAAF Machine?

HOWARD: Politician of the Century or Politician for the Rest of the Century?

ADORABLE: Let the Sparks fly as you meet Ash's baby!

1618 said...

Dear Ashy,

You'll make the best Political reporter. I love the Julia Gillard heading.

We could do a feature on Habib.

I think baby talk would be a full page.

Ash said...

Some more suggestions 1.618:

DETECTIVE PACO: Is There Any Crime He Can't Solve?

1.618: Meet the International Woman of Mystery

JULIA GILLARD:Guest Writer Julia Gillard Gives You Her Top Fashion Tips

TIM BLAIR: The Truth Behind "The Column [that] Never Sleeps"

SEAT OF LA TROBE: Long-time Resident and Former Police Sergeant Jason Wood, or Guy-Who-Just-Moved-In and Former Soldier and "Famous" Labor Candidate Whose Name Escapes Me Right Now, Probably Because I don't Live There Anymore?

SLEEP: When Will Ash Get Some?

EVIL GENIUS: What is Karl Rove Really Doing?

Col. Milquetoast said...

When Will Ash Get Some?


Ash said...

Hee hee hee. I was wondering if anyone was as filthy minded as I am Colonel.

1618 said...

DETECTIVE PACO: Is There Any Crime He Can't Solve?

Paco section could help the advertising rates up LOL

1618 said...

Now, back to lunch peoples...

Ash said...

Lunch? Lunch?! I have no need of food or sleep!