Saturday, May 2, 2015

phony egalitarians

2014 WEF Gender Gap report (PDF)

Well, there is no good news for Australia in this year's Gender Gap report.  Like last year, Australia (p104) had men showing a lower life expectancy than women by 3 years which the WEF scores as women suffering a gender gap. They manage this by redefining life expectancy "equality" as women outliving men by 1.06:1. 

The Gender Gap report also lists any category in which women outscore men as "Equality" no matter how onesided. (For example, p364 the US is marked as "equal" in the Educational Attainment category despite women being equal in 2 of the subcategories and leading men in the other 2 subcategories) The WEF must really hate women to define their terms so women can only be behind men or equal to men never ahead of them. 

The Gender Gap Report claims that Russia is the most equal country when it comes to life expectancy last year and the second most equal country this year (p74) because Russian men die so much earlier than women. 

One might get the impression these are not the most rigorous egalitarians.

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