Thursday, June 27, 2013

movie notes : Man of Steel

spoiler alert below the fold

Pa Kent's death seemed pointless. Ma Kent was surprisingly attractive. (imdb says she was played by Diane Lane, age 48 while Pa Kent was played by Kevin Costner, 58. Superman was said to be 33. So Ma & Pa Kent pretended young Clark was their own child and that Pa Kent got Ma Kent pregnant when she was 15 and he was 25)

You'd think that the Kryptonian government would make a backup copy or 2 of the codex necessary for the continuation of the species but also store it with more security than going "here's a good spot for it, someone would have to take a short swim to get to it!"

Kryptonian technology can make an interactive Jor-El hologram that looks as real as anyone else and can have conversations but when they do a Kryptonian version of sonogram and when the Jor-El hologram shows Supes the history of Krypton it all looks like clay or computer animation from the 1990s

Perhaps I missed it but did General Zod have a particular reason for stripping down to his underoos and discarding his presumably useful armor? (at times Zod looked like he was drawn by Jack Kirby).

I realize that Zod's minions were bred, raised and trained by Krypton's central planners to be warriors but I couldn't help but notice that Jor-El, scientist, and Lois Lane, puny human/spunky newspaper reporter, each seemed to be more than a match for them even when outnumbered. 

Note for my plans for world domination : Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite and dust.

At the end Ma Kent says they always knew he would be something special etc, and then it cuts to (yet another) flashback of young Clark wearing a cape and posing as a dog looks up at him. So Superman's relationship to mankind is akin to man and an adoring dog?

My nephew summed the main problem with the movie on the ride home when he asked why Superman didn't help all those people in the collapsing buildings.


They have robots that levitate through no apparent means and ships that can hover but use some sort of rocket propulsion, giant spacecraft and Jor-El rides a dragon.

Am I the only one who is getting sick of movie scenes where someone falls/jumps/is pushed out a window and then falls for a while and is then miraculously caught by a moving object before going splatt. Once in a long while it could be believable but when you see it in what seems like every movie and no one ever goes splatt it strains credibility. 

The shakey handheld cam that orients and then zooms in has its place but in orbit in space seems like an odd place to encounter it. It's like an astronaut just happened to be on a spacewalk and just happened to have his handheld camera running and just happened to capture the event.

as critical as I've been I did enjoy watching it. 


It's the first Superman to make sure innocent people are always directly in the line of fire.

Yup. Superman pushes Zod away from the Kent farm and through a field of crops devoid of people into a fight in the streets of Smallville. Some may not realize this but the vast majority of towns in Kansas are surrounded by farmland, pasture and/or wilderness. Odds are he could have pushed Zod a bit further in ANY direction and put them outside of a populated area.

And no Terence Stamp in organza disco pants either. Or deadly cellophane ‘S’ logos

btw,  I would note that the movie Flash Gordon also doesn't quite hold up as awesome as I remembered it as a kid. 


 it’s probably done for the same reason everything else is done - to look dramatic. Which isn’t necessarily the same thing as being dramatic

There was some of that.

Which raises the question of exactly who young Clark is pretending to be

Clearly, DC comics as we know it wouldn't exist so a young Clark Kent would be reading Marvel comics. What Marvel hero in the 1980s wears a cape? Thor, Doctor Strange, the Vision and ... anyone else? 

Marvel did have other cape wearers : Doctor Doom, Loki, the Mandarin, Mole Man, Magneto, Mephisto, Mysterio, the Owl, the Cobra, Baron Mordo, the Hobgoblin, Mister Sinister... I think I sense a possible pattern of idolatry and an explanation as to why Superman was so blasé about all the destruction.

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