Monday, June 10, 2013

Apropos of Tom Hanks being called the most trusted man in America

Apropos of Tom Hanks being claimed to be the most trusted man in America I present this :

Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd rapping during the end credits of the movie Dragnet (1987).  A quick search and I find its own music video including extensive choreographed and synchronized dancing.

Note Tom Hanks going for the 1980s style of shouting out the lyrics.

Performed by Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks
Featuring Glenn Hughes and Pat Thrall
Written by Peter Aykroyd, Dan Aykroyd and Pat Thrall
produced by J.B. Moore and Robert Ford

The lyrics to City of Crime :

Dan Aykroyd : This is the city. It's a city of crime. My name is Friday. I carry a badge.

Dan Aykroyd : 3:15 a.m., Thursday, January 15. It was chilly that morning in the City of Angels. 
On this particular occasion we happened to witness a pagan* ritual in progress.

Dan Aykroyd : See that, Streebek? We’re just in time
We have stumbled into a major crime

Tom Hanks :  They've got the girl all fright
Now that’s not nice
I think she is the subject of a sacrifice

Dan Aykroyd : Buddy, we’re putting this party on ice

Tom Hanks :  But first you know we really ought to read 'em their rights

Dan Aykroyd : Read ‘em their rights
Read ‘em their rights

Tom Hanks : 
Well, I’m here tonight to rap about your rights
Cause right now you’re in trouble
Don’t have to say nothing at all, you all got two calls
And you’d better make ‘em on the double

Pagans : 
This is a city of crime
Don’t step out of line
This is a city of crime
You’d better be praying your judge is kind

Dan Aykroyd : 
You’re a dangerous mob and it is our job
To bust you all for being violent
While we are here let’s state it clear

Tom Hanks :  You have the right to remain silent!

Pagan : 
Well, excuse me copper, Mr. Crimestopper,
What is wrong with what we’re doing?
We just like to dance in our goatskin pants
Around this ancient ruin

Tom Hanks :  Now it's not so funny,
That it costs big money
If you ever have to hire a lawyer

Dan Aykroyd :  It’s my duty to inform you
And my pleasure to warn you

Tom Hanks :  We’ll provide one for ya! Huh!

Pagans : 
This is a city of crime
Don’t step out of line
This is a city of crime
You're looking at seven to nine

Dan Aykroyd :  Now you know what you’ve been doing is a serious crime

Tom Hanks :  And you'll probably be doing some serious time

Dan Aykroyd :  In case you might be worried about the friends you lose

Tom Hanks :  At least they get to see you on the evening news

Dan Aykroyd :  It’s a new sensation

Tom Hanks :  We go down to the station

Dan Aykroyd :  You’re going to answer some questions

Tom Hanks :  And have some refreshments

Dan Aykroyd : What is your full name? What were you doing on January 15th of this year? All we want is the truth, mister. What were you doing in the location in question? What is the purpose of your pagan organization?

Pagan : Whoa! You can't pin nothing on me copper!
Well, excuse me
Excuse me
Don’t use or abuse or refuse me
It’s no joke, I’m broke
My rights I can and will invoke
I’m homely, and I’m lonely
But the state cannot disown me
It’s ain't funny
I might want money
To take home to my honey

Pagans : 
This is a city of crime
Don’t step out of line
This is a city of crime
Where an [something indistinct] is hard to find

[the movie end credits version ends here with the sound of a jail cell slammed closed]

Dan Aykroyd : 
In case you don't agree
With my methodology
I like to do things my way

Tom Hanks : Don't get memory loss 
About who's the boss

Dan Aykroyd :  Don't forget my name is

Everyone : Friday!

Dan Aykroyd :  I'm the man of the hour

Tom Hanks :  The tower of power

Dan Aykroyd :  I'm the arm of the law

Tom Hanks :  The very last straw

Dan Aykroyd :  I'm on the side of the right

Tom Hanks :  A Trojan white knight

Dan Aykroyd :  If you get me uptight I am

Tom Hanks :  A frightening sight

Dan Aykroyd :  I'm as strong as the army

Tom Hanks :  Nothing can't harm me

Dan Aykroyd :  Coming down like a hammer

Everyone : Get ready for the slammer

[sound of a jail cell slammed closed]

*"pagan" the video informs stands for People Against Goodness And Normalcy

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