Saturday, October 6, 2007

Putty tat escalation

Sylvester the cat letter opener
Putty tat escalates feud with bird by replacing tail with large unsharpened, but somewhat pointy blade sticking out of his butt.


Ash said...

I tink the Putty Tat might win tis one.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Sylvester, as putty tat is known to friends, offered that it was merely for defensive purposes.

Ash said...

Sylvester may have a case, providing Tweety remains unstabbed, unsliced, and undiced.

I once had a cat named Sylvester, with the same colouring as this fine Putty Tat, but he was asleep under Jesse's car one day and he didn't think to look for cats. I was unimpressed.

Col. Milquetoast said...

You were unimpressed with Jesse or the cat?

It sounds like kitty suicide.

On the other hand, did anyone notice a small, innocent looking yellow bird nearby?

A guy I used to work with told me a story about how his daughter's cat had crawled up the wheel well of his truck and took a nap on a belt connected to the engine. When he started the engine the results were so gruesome that he lied to her and told her the cat must have run away.

Ash said...

Jesse. Though I must admit, it was probably one of the only times he's never checked under the car, but I'm pretty sure he only did that because his stupid dog used to sleep under there too.

I noticed no birds at the time, though Tweety is quite cunning and we can't rule out murder, as opposed to the catslaughter charge I did hold over Jesse for all of three hours.

As for that guy's daughter, I would have said the cat ran away too. Did he successfully get the truck clean?

Col. Milquetoast said...

the catslaughter charge I did hold over Jesse for all of three hours.

Honestly, I think it was cat suicide.

Did he successfully get the truck clean?

I assume he got it clean. He did mention that he was late to work because he also had to clean the garage floor.

Even when I had a cat I never checked to make sure it wasn't being stupid. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever get another pet.

speaking of cats : I know a girl whose parents took a vacation, loaded up the car, hooked up the boat trailer, spent the entire day driving and when they got to the lake they found the cat had been asleep in the boat when they left. It had been raining and the cat was soaked to the bone and very unhappy.

Ash said...

You could be right about the cat suicide. I had a really inappropriate joke for this exact spot, but due to it's high level of inappropriateness, despite being hilarious, you'll just have to imagine it.

I only ever bothered to look under the car because my neice was living with us at the time and two out of three cats were hers, and she was an innocent 3 year old.

Typically, and luckily, Sylvester was my cat.

The cat in the boat would have been miserable. I can't imagine being in a moving vehicle with no chance to leap out or shelter.

But that's why I don't own a motorbike. Plus, it's really frowned upon when you put babies in sealed containers, like the ones that come on motorbikes.