Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blairite Babies

click for the full picture...
Ash_ as a wee lass. (for some reason, she reminds me of Popeye)

Col. Milquetoast at 1 month
Col. Milquetoast. Just for the record, neither of my parents were Squiggy.
I assume I was not drunk when this picture was taken.

If wronwright doesn't step forward then perhaps I'll simply assign him to creepy eyed evil baby in a dresscreepy eyed evil baby in a dress


1618 said...

So cute

1618 said...

Asheee, you look like an angel.

Colonel, a real cutie pie.

Wrong: I just want to smootch your little bubbee cheek.

Ash said...

Sadly, tragically even, 1.618, that was one of the better baby pictures of me I have on my laptop.

Col. Milquetoast said...

You are very kind.
Like Ash, this is my best picture at that particular age. The other options for this age were either with bugged out eyes or looking like I might be brain damaged.

1618 said...

Ashy XX

1618 said...

I love how you're holding the money!

1618 said...

Ash, the carpet looks hilarious.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Thanks 1.618, that is absolutely my favorite picture of me that has ever been taken.

There is plenty of room here for your baby picture. Poor Ash & I are all alone here.

moko said...

ur a cute babe col.

Ash said...

Col., I'm pretty sure that the photo of me is one of the best of me that have ever been taken. They all go downhill from here. But why be worried about being bug-eyed or looking brain damaged? Every photo of me features those characteristics, usually combined.

1.6, hon, that carpet is still in that house. Last time I was there, it was the same revolting colour, same revolting smell, and same revolting stains.

Yet the Family had extended the house and put in new carpet in most of the other rooms. Crazy, the lot of them.