Monday, January 26, 2015

movie notes : Interstellar

The future has incredible disappointing robots. Metal cereal boxes that wobble
Cap'n Crunch box has very similar proportions to the robots in Interstellar

Star Wars WobbleBot
spoilers below

I suppose the boxy-ness of the robots could be justified so they could be easily stacked and transported but I can't think of any other reason that isn't form over function. Their fine motor skills seem limited when the arms and one fingered hand appear to be simple hinge joints.

McConaughey was in a extradimensional space, Unless he moved to another space/time section to knock down each book then the books would all fall at once instead of sequentially.

Plan B is to colonize another world using 5000 frozen embryos; this involves abandoning about 6 billion people on Earth to their doom.

But don't worry, because Plan A is to build an enormous transport ship and to transport Matthew McConaughey's character's family and thousand of others and, by the way, abandoning about 6 billion people on Earth to their doom.

Interestingly, both plans seem to include importing the world destroying blight to the new planet because if they had the ability to contain the blight with greenhouse then one would think they would do that on Earth.

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