Tuesday, January 21, 2014

about the Stalin Society

Grigorii Petrovsky standing next to Josef Stalin
(Grigorii Petrovsky, bearded, standing next to Josef Stalin)
Grigorii Petrovsky no longer standing next to Josef Stalin
(Grigorii Petrovsky no longer standing next to Josef Stalin)

The Stalin Society, an actual existing thing, is a group who see Joseph Stalin as a great Marxist-Leninist and wish to preserve what they believe is his positive legacy. What happens at the meetings of the Stalin Society?

I assume they take turns dressing up in their Stalin costumes with greasepaint mustaches and chasing each other around the room with plastic hammers playing Duck, Duck, Kulak. At dinner, anyone not in their Stalin costume or if their costume is deemed "inauthentic" (how it is determined one way or the other is opaque and not open to review) then those members aren't allowed to eat. On Trotsky Tuesdays, those who are allowed to eat must do so with an icepick. Members occasionally mysteriously disappear leading to all photos, documents and records of the society needing to be modified to reflect the new reality. There is often talk about the Stalin Society invading Finland out of *cough-cough* "self-defense" and then claiming that they were forced to do it due to a lack of support from the United States. On sunny days, they go out to the park to have a friendly game of volleyball and generally frolic and giggle in the grass with the Hitler Society.

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