Friday, December 14, 2012

"You see, I'm a lawyer."

In the movie Doctor Detroit (1983), Dan Aykroyd asks if he can buy/rent the clothes of a surprisingly self-aware lawyer :

Dan Aykroyd : Would you be willing to part with certain elements of your unique wardrobe for a cash retainer?
Lawyer : Sell my clothes?! … look, if there were thoughts in that direction, I mean, what sort of offer are we kinda talking about?
Dan Aykroyd : Well, I wouldn't want to insult you…
Lawyer : You can't insult me, you see, I'm a lawyer.

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Steve at the Pub said...

He's so correct! They've a hide 3 inches thick (when it comes to ethics).

At the same time, they are extremely thin skinned regarding criticism of their professional knowledge!

If you ever want to insult one, or really get under their skin, just find an error in their work. (It helps if this error is black & white).