Friday, December 7, 2012

Dana Scully unarmed

From the 1993 episode of the X-Files season 1 episode 2 (if you count the pilot as episode 1, otherwise it would be season1 episode 1) titled "Deep Throat" FBI Agent Dana Scully meets a man in black with an intense interest in national security who takes her gun and removes the magazine :
FBI Agent Dana Scully meets a man in black who looks with sunglassed wonder at her empty magazine as she realizes how embarrassing 'loading it all the way hurts my thumb' sounds from a FBI agent
Oh, she is sooooo embarrassed as he looks disapprovingly at the empty magazine.
(frame 1 you can see him pull the magazine from the pistol.
frame 2 you can see his skin through the magazine.
frame 3 you can see the greenery through the magazine. Look away, Dana.)

Rule number one of the Rules for a Gunfight is "Bring a gun…" the unmentioned corollary is bring a loaded gun. (although it is mentioned in these modified rules for a gunfight)

The light colored part at the top of the magazine may be the follower or a cartridge so it may not be an unloaded gun but underloaded. Later in the episode, she holds a guy at gunpoint and there is a distinct possibility she might want more bullets in that situation (Rule 2 of the Rules for a Gunfight is "Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice…")

The Internet Movie Firearms Database identifies her pistol as a Bernardelli Mod.60 32 ACP pocket pistol.


SwampWoman said...

Well, if she's that easy to disarm, perhaps she didn't want her weapon to be used on her.

Col. Milquetoast said...

To be fair, in context Mulder and Scully were both outnumbered and outgunned on a country road.

If her logic is that keeping her gun unloaded would make the goons keep their guns unloaded then she could work for the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership.