Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are guns phallic symbols?

An 8 barreled duck foot gun with a mace like handle and a blade at front. All 8 barrels fired at once.
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(that doesn't look phallic to me)
(image found here)

Markley's Law : … [a] variant of Godwin's Law: As an online discussion of gun owners' rights grows longer, the probability of an ad hominem attack involving penis size approaches 1.

I think the proponents of Markley's Law need to reevaluate their basic premise. Are guns even phallic? Like a woman, you cannot ignore a gun for a long time and then expect it to be cooperative. It is always good to take the time to keep a gun well lubricated.  If one plays with the trigger correctly you'll notice the gun becomes hot. Phallic shaped bullets are squeezed tightly into a gun's barrel. Guns can be simultaneously very tough but also fragile. Guns, like women, can be very, very loud. 

Nonetheless, I am working tirelessly to invent a gun that has a labia as I know that the Markley's Law types would immediately embrace such a clearly non-phallic gun and not merely shift their criticism to some other stupid argument.

To be fair, I will admit that "Mannlicher" can sound pretty gay.

Update (2013-02-28) : Another view.

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