Monday, August 16, 2010

Robert Crumb's biological father?

Coney Island by Paul Cadmus
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Coney Island by Paul Cadmus (1904-1999) painted in 1934

Cheap Thrills album by Janis Joplin with cover art by Robert Crumb
Robert Crumb (born 1943)

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! How many people outside of American Art History of the Early 20th Century have even heard about Paul Cadmus, let alone know anything about his art or have seen his work in person. Or reproduced. Of which I have, but that's just me.

I live in a place so mundane, so philistine, so dull the people I work with, upon hearing 'Cadmus' think its either a musk mellon they are afraid to try from the local Price Chopper or maybe a shoe polish their Dad used but they can't be bothered with because they can order new shoes cheap from China.

Col, too bad about your lack of talent.