Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Carbon Rich

maple seeds

After careful, time consuming and stressful cultivation my scheme completely benevolent plan to become rich from dealing in carbon credits has begun. I can now say that I have planted thousands of trees. A small forest.
A forest of maple trees begining

Some of my freshly planted trees face more hardship than others but I'm still counting them as trees planted.
A forest of (potential) maple trees- Umm whatever doesn't kill them will make them stronger I suppose

Update :
Just cleaned out the gutters (again) of more than enough potential trees to fill a 5 gallon bucket. More Carbon Riches.

But these seemed different. They seemed noble, self-sacrificing and a little patronizing and then I realized that these must be good and kind-hearted socialist maples. These I decided to sow in a pile where each tiny tree can work cooperatively, submerge themselves to the greater good, and each will be sure to use only its fair share of resources.

A forest of socialist maple trees...real soon now


Hucbald said...

Don't let Al Gore anywhere near them. He'll freeze 'em to death.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant colonel....Ms pervy