Wednesday, October 10, 2007

for 1.618

a flower for 1.618. just because.
drawing of a flower for 1.618

I tried to do a watercolor but it was a disaster. Luckily I had used just enough water that it didn't spontaneously burst into flames due to its own ugliness. I need to practice more. The drawing isn't great either but it is the thought that counts.

a photograph of the flowers in the watercolor.
flowers for 1.618
click to enlarge

(actually you can see the watercolor in the background and it looks much better out of focus.)


Anonymous said...

I've often wished I had some, even a tiny bit, of artistic ability.

You've got skills in the art thing, that's for sure.

Ash said...

Colonel, I agree with Grimmy on this one. You've got skills in art.

I think the drawing is quite nice. Certainly better than anything I can do.

Any chance that you'll put up the watercolour?

Col. Milquetoast said...

Any chance that you'll put up the watercolour

nope. Wadded up and given a home in the circular file. It started as a decent drawing but a horrible watercolor. Apparently, sometimes I forget how to paint. It looked like a paint by numbers except worse.