Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pipe Appeal

Prince Albert tobacco Pipe Appeal advertisement from a 1940s magazine
Scanned from a 1940s magazine.
He has -ahem- "Pipe Appeal"
Note the 1940s leaf raking uniform : hat, sweater vest, pipe. Possibly doubling as his picking up chicks outfit.
Exposure to his "pipe appeal" may have caused her lunatic stare. (click the picture to judge for yourself)
What guy wouldn't want a girl interested in his "pipe appeal"?

Prince Albert tobacco Pipe Appeal advertisement from a 1947 magazine

This second ad explains that "Pipe Appeal is that 'something extra' that has a real appeal to women"

"You're really 'solid' - when you've got P.A. (Pipe Appeal)" - Conversely, if you are not solid then you probably don't have the Pipe Appeal that the ladies enjoy.


1618 said...

Every man needs alittle PA. I just curl my toes when I see some P.A.!!

Anonymous said...

u got a lot of p.a col.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Thanks moko. But how do you know what I have in my pants? Did you notice the bulge? I'll have to start wearing baggy pants to disguise it. By it I refer, of course, to the tin of Prince Albert tobacco.

Anonymous said...

a prince albert in ur pants gotta hurt col.

Col. Milquetoast said...

moko, actually, a tin of Prince Albert tobacco has rounded edges to prevent sharp corners from poking you. I appreciate any interest someone might have for what's in my pants.