Friday, September 28, 2007

another for the 1.618 Weekly

Profiles in Idiocy - the Sea Shepherds for the 1.618 Weekly
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by me, not 1.618
more on the Sea Shepherds :
Sea Shepherd - Galapagos Islands Listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger

The Sea Shepherds (last seen ramming whaling boats) have decided that the birthplace of evolution should not be subject to Natural Selection.
Dogs illegally brought to the islands by fishermen have killed hundreds of iguanas and drove them into hiding.

but they do bring good news from the Galapagos:
There is even one ship that transports only beer to the islands on a regular weekly run from the mainland.

then they go back to being sticks in the mud
Tourist numbers must be restricted. Illegal immigration must be curtailed and the population stabilized. Invasive species must be removed. The law prohibiting dogs and cats must be enforced. Development must be halted. Poaching must be eradicated and punitive sentences against poachers imposed. The Galapagos rangers must be given more authority and they must be armed.


1618 said...

That's so full on, I'm not sure about this one. SO FULL ON!!

Col. Milquetoast said...

Too mean or ?